A man, A mountain.

This is for the lovely people I know who have paid a heavy price for being the sweet-hearts they are & in a manner that would make us shed tears--smiling and laughing.

There is a mountain in my village,
For ages dealt with floods and storms,
It stood alone to the test of times,
Failed it did but very few times.

A fortunate soul who lost his way,
He built his home to live and stay,
The mountain gave him all it can
It gave the best it possibly can.

It seemed such a beautiful sight,
When the place glowed in saffron light,
The sound at dawn of the bird chirping,
& the chilly breeze would pass by flirting.

It blossomed with flowers in the springs of madness,
Drenched in tears in the rain of his sadness,
Autumn came as their bond grew twofold,
Tender felt the winter as you saw love unfold.

When all looks rosy and colors bloom,
It creeps in quietly like a pale gloom
He sought glory to be a suitable groom
Setting their union on the path of doom.

For greener pastures and a content life,
For servants plenty and a beautiful wife,
Leaving me alone is not a crime,
I am your friend till your time.

The rocky monster was left in shock,
Bereft of a companion,its the smiling rock.
It stood alone, it stood tall,
The mountain in my village will never fall.

Lost Something ?!?!

Quite a few things around me have been lost these days. And of course the sadness and grief that accompanied all these things have been the same.

There is a friend who lost his cellphone. Another who lost his car.
One lost her precious safety pin while someone else lost his bank PIN.
One lost her CYCLE (the vehicle) while another, her boyfriend.
Someone called me up to tell me that she lost her virginity.
I lost my entire source-code.
I lost my prospective wife. I lost my prospective girlfriend too.
I lost my pair of socks as well.

People call me ABSENT-MINDED. Is there a relation?

I have lost my mind.


A guy and a gal in the coffee shop.

Gal: You know whenever a gal asks a guy out for coffee, the guy feels the gal is there to be taken.That she is a slut.

Guy: Definitely Not.I don't think every gal who does not ask me for coffee is not a SLUT.

Thank you V.

"If you have trouble finding a solution, ask GOOGLE.If you can't find it there, come to me."


The hand that rocks the cradle...

As I lay fallen on the tarred road,
Not one came across from the passing horde,
As tears kissed my lips,I wish you were there for me
And I lay wincing in pain over a scrapped red knee.

I realised there is a child in me,
Whenever it’s hurt, it cries "Mummy!!"

Of baby steps and mindless cribbing,
Naive demands and tantrums eating
Gave into my every wish,every plea
Keeping an eye,you set me free.

Even though you scolded the child in me,
You knew always that I would be naughty.

With friends I played hide n seek,
Darkness turned me from lion to meek,
Your touch, your hug, your kiss, your care,
Your lovely fingers would ruffle my hair.

You knew about the little child in me,
In your bosom,I felt no demon was scary.

Dad was there with a stern hand,
Bro and Sis made life look grand,
With the darling lady who gave me birth,
I have seen the twain,heaven and earth.

You have been all to the child in me,
You are the only form of GOD I see.

In devilish grins and cruel smirks,
I have seen worldly ways, it sure irks,
The innocent smile that came in glee,
With each passing time I have felt it flee

I still hold on to your dear child in me,
When the devil's advocate asks for a fee.

Your stories, your sayings, your energy for life,
To glow in your eyes, I would always strive,
But when the moment came,when it mattered,
My world tore apart, it left me shattered.

Rocked and broken this child in me,
Cruel and harsh has been his destiny.

There is a child in me, it cries alone,
It misses the most when it lets a moan,
Mom you mean the world to me,
Come back for the sake of the child in me.

Learning on the Road

There is this road in Tokyo that sells some of the weirdest stuff you'll ever find.The items sold are actually fascinating and has a certain mystery to it, an inexplicable aura.The first time I happened to be there, I felt like a little kid in a big toy shop craving for every toy visible.And I bought something to satisfy my craving.Of late, I have been wandering those streets frequently, but couldn't make up my mind on my next possession.And I have returned empty handed.Again.

Ever happened to you? You did a thing once and then you wanted to do it again, but for some reason, you hold back.Perhaps its the fear of meeting the same fate like it happened the first time.The frustration of not being successful the first time (Never been that fortunate.).The initial enthusiasm overshadowed by an unknown unseen force holding you back.Its all around you.The budding actor whose first act was torn down by the critics. The guy who lost heavily in the stock market.The Romeo who lost his first true love.Who knows maybe a gifted genius Brian Lara was forced into exile feeling the desperation of not living upto expectations, not of the hugely sentimental and emotional West Indian public, but his own high expectations.
And then there are the mortals of the blog world who stop writing for whatever reason, a dearth of ideas, paucity of imagination or maybe plain laziness.

So there I resume my scribbling, terminating the "Intermination of the Fantasist" and finding themes to scream about.

Oh Lord Brian Lara, bless me to re-invent myself like you did.Not to set the stage on fire like you did, but to atleast prove myself that I can persevere with what I start.

Its not as difficult as it was for you.Or as it would be for the actor to be applauded by all.Or for the guy to have the guts to bet in stocks again.Or for that matter,as difficult to make Romeo believe that love would one day pass by him again.

The next time I walk past that street, I will definitely buy something and that would be more precious than the first one.

You are on Camera!!

This one has been a long time coming. Its like one of those Vidhu Vinod Chopra movies whose trailers are released two years before the actual release as if its that one-of-a-kind movie that you would kill to catch a glimpse of... and the best part is you almost kill (yourself) when its finally released. Hopefully this one doesn't turn up like one. This blog that is.
So we are talking about my debut video out here. To start with, my buddies DeboNair B, Chatty V, BraveHeart A, Dr.R and others feel I am the best Camera-Man to Inhabit Planet Earth. No sarcasm here, right friends?
This admiration society was formed on our trip to Revdanda, a beautiful silent coastal village near Alibag. Well as is my style (an anti-JOHN WOO-slow-mo images), visuals are captured fast (there is so much to cover and so little time), shakily and hard to understand. There were videos of trees, leaves and the air as well. Obviously, nature can't be sacrificed... so what if there were hardly any pictures of Debonair, Chatty, BraveHeart and Dr. Of course they got their share of limelight when they would jump in front of the camera hoping they would get a celebrity status soon.The best part was when we found a dead snake on the beach and Smarty Debonair - oh, we all know he is good in mimicking and vocab - thought he can pull off a Steve Irwin. So there he was, with his "Crikey" comments, running up to the dead snake and howling into the camera. And he thought he would become the next Steve Irwin of our generation. For all my respect for Steve Irwin and love for his big, curvy, loaded...ahem...beautiful wife, I cannot see anybody replace him. And of course the sand between the snake and Debonair was much more attractive so it had to be caught on camera. THERE IS ALWAYS REASON BEHIND EVERYTHING I CAPTURE. But these guys will never understand and i pay the price of their ignorance. So they had my future "bread n butter" parted from me and Dr. - as is the wont of their species to practice on everyone else except themselves - decided to practice his hands on it.Ummmmm,his work was pretty simple, easy on the eyes and even more easily understood. The Dr. needs some help, guys. But that's another story.
As usual, after every great work, appreciations and bouquets follow.My work never faces any criticism or brickbats even though half of the critics, including those who found mention here, didn't understand the work and the effort put into making such a marvelous piece of work. Here i would like to make special mention of one of my very close buddies Mr.US. He feels what I already know. That I could make it big in the Big H and my debut video can easily be nominated as the most difficult piece of work (Obviously it was, being surrounded by all those loonies). It will be a piece of cheese for me to win the Razzies - the first Indian, not only to be nominated but actually go on and win it. Oh what an achievement.

Mr.Fantasist, take a bow!!!

P.S.---B,V, A, R and others, i know you all will be overcome with gratitude for being mentioned here and apologies for exposing your ignorance to the world.

Can we , TOMORROW?

That guy won the race...wanna win tomorrow.
Wanna set the pace...to lead tomorrow!!
Today's to deal with these nerds...not tomorrow.
Have to write heartfelt words...surely tomorrow.
Wanna pen that thought...maybe tomorrow!!
Say sorry to the friend i fought...perhaps tomorrow!!
Hey dad,me busy today...will u meet me...tomorrow?
Hi Lady,not today but we can have a tea...surely tomorrow?
Can i kiss those curls...on a joyful morrow?
And paint a dream for a loving tomorrow
Will u be with me...in joy & in sorrow?
but she's gone today...where's tomorrow?

'Tomorrow' came today it went
My guilt piles up when do i repent?
Those folks i love
they may be hurt,they may be sore.
If i didn't meet them today
they might think i m a lore.
Wanna call each one of them
& say "Hi Hello Good day!!
Can u meet me, O dear friend,
sometime TODAY??"