'Fool'hardy road to Stardom

Yesterday,an article about a chinese student reciting the '67000-something something'th position of the value of pi just reminded me,if need be, us social animals can do the craziest things to sound....what else...CRAZY.Why else do i need to RECITE 67890 numbers???Or is there a certain exhibition of power doing such inane things and getting into the limelight? Maybe we underestimate the power of being maniacal...and to make it ridiculous the world appreciates these feats.But as one who is taking his baby-steps in this voyeuristical world of blogging, I just feel we are cashing in on these exhibitionists criticizing/appreciating events all around us and showcasing our "acute sense of observation".Ain't you a voyeur??
Just came across a thought that's not too far from my beliefs.
"I believe in the power of fools.My friends call it Self-Confidence."
Friends, my power's still in its infancy.Rest assured, it will grow for the whole world to applaud.I am not the one to disappoint like the Indian Cricket team thats just going downhill, as i write, after promising much.

When dreams rise on the horizons of reality

It feels so nice to finally land in my world…yeah…MY WORLD…coz here you see what I see…. you feel what I feel…and of course you read what I write :).
It feels so nice to finally land up in my world where I have reached my destination and my flight to fantasy ends…or is it that my flight to fantasy has just taken off?!?!?
My destination…my fantasy world…where I dream with my eyes wide open …and I dream till I fall asleep…and then I dream again. On the horizons of reality do these dreams rise like the first specks of the sun searing through the darkness to warm the cold world.
Don’t break me out of my colorful reverie but you can add the hues. (U can put the comment…moron!!)
Like Kevin Spacey put it in “The American Beauty”
Today is the First day of the rest of my life!!
Me says—
Today is the first blog of the rest of my life!!